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Github login is accessible on virtually every WordPress website
with Social Login turned on. Github allows users to access their code repository and distributed version management , which is managed by Git.
It's a huge hit in communities of programmers since
they have the ability to save and publish their software easily.
One advantage of Github is that you can sign up for an account there and not have to start repositories
on a hosting server run by Google or any another major
host. This has been an important reason behind many
WordPress users seeking an easier method of managing their repositories.

A problem with a lot of hosting providers is
that they won't let you to login to your own repo. It's difficult if you wish
to maintain control over your personal repo.
By using Github login, you are able for you to set up
your personal repo so that any person who signs up at your site will be granted
read access to your files and workspace. It's done using an encrypted login area
that only you have access to. That means anyone who does not have access to your private SSH
account is not allowed to alter anything within your repo.
You also receive a private access token that can use to log into and
modify your repo, without needing to supply any email details.

If you're planning to utilize Github login it is necessary to
install the Afo Authentication plugin for your WordPress blog.
The plugin will make users in your organization to log in to your repo with their twitter account.

For instance, if someone seeks to access a document, you'll
be able to tell them if they're authorized to do it based on their Twitter account.
It is also possible to have your repo software activated using in a Flatiron theme to ensure that
any document you publish on the blog will automatically be sent in your repo.

This makes it easier to manage your files with security in the comfort of your own home.

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